Do you know how to unscramble a bunch of conflicting ideas?
     In your own head or in a room full of people?

     We do!

At Austhink we use our skills in training critical thinking skills and software developing to make our customers’ educational and business applications much more effective – and more fun.

  • Rationale Online helps students and educators at all levels improve logical thinking for better writing and presentation
  • Rationale 2 The software Windows version of Rationale
  • bCisive Online helps professional influencers, facilitators and decision-makers to lead collaboration for faster results
  • bCisive 2 The software Windows version of bCisive

Based on internationally acknowledged cognitive science research, our software taps into human beings’ extraordinary visual and spatial intelligence to improve critical thinking, shared reasoning, and conflict resolution. Our products and methods help individuals and groups to analyze and solve complex and strategic problems.

We can work with you to build customized applications to fit your organisation’s specific needs. Please contact us for further information.

“I’ve been looking for an effective way to teach critical thinking for 10 years – Rationale is far and away the most promising option I’ve ever seen.”
—Steve Crowley, Boise State University

Latest news

November 2013: New bCisive Online released. Check it out

September 2013: Rationale Online released. Check it out

February 2013: Request for beta testers Rationale Online

About us

Austhink is a trademark of Critical Thinking Skills B.V. (CTS), a company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. CTS/Austhink’s mission is to develop the tools to improve reasoning and decision-making skills.